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Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Essentials Only Full Version. What do most of you use. It seems EVGA does not always suggest the latest drivers from nvidia, they are at least one release back currently.

Are they any different from nvidia's or are they just more cautious, especially after recent events? EVGA or nvidia drivers? They are the same thing. They're sometimes one behind, but for the latest or beta, Nvidia's website is a better resource. Always download from Nvidia directly. That's my take on it all. Did I help you find the product you were looking for?

I download from EVGA, because it seems that once the drivers have been out a while, they are sure there are no problems with that update, but thats just my. However, just to eliminate another possible cause, I installed the driver that came on the CD with the card a few days ago.

It's an older version, obviously, Today, I updated the driver to the latest nVidia driver, 5 seconds into my first race on Project CARS and bosh, black screen, game still playing in the background. I'm now wondering if EVGA versions of the driver are tweaked by them. I'm going to try their latest version, You might give them a try and see what you think. I did try Are they working on a fix? Is the TDR issue a known issue? I see a lot of other users talking about TDR issues with later drivers but I don't see much in the way of an "official" response.

Thanks Pcgmoore, I'll give those a try and see what gives: Hmm, this hotfix, fingers crossed, might have done the trick. I certainly hope so. Thanks for all the help people and apologies to OP for the hijack. This thread was last posted to in I don't think you have to worry about hijacking it. Zuhl defileddragon Hmm, this hotfix, fingers crossed, might have done the trick.

LOL So it was lol, didn't notice that. How are those hotfix drivers working out for you? I got about an hour in last night before bed time without any TDR's, which is encouraging, but I'll need to do some more testing before I'm confident again. I've delayed my RMA for a couple of weeks while I test these new drivers. Since I upgraded to the I've not had more than a day or so without a TDR, so if I can get a couple of weeks out of it I'll be confident it's not the card.

To be honest, I'm really surprised so many people have been having issues with 9x series cards for the past few months and nVidia haven't attempted to address it until now, assuming it is a driver issue of course. I had the same problems when I got my first at first launch. It took about 6 months before I got decent performance without TDR errors while gaming. It's encouraging to hear that these drivers are working for you.

There is a thread about the hotfix drivers and I'm sure they'd like to get some feedback about them from you. I just saw your system specs. Just login with your EVGA account to get started: Evga fans not spinning problems installing driver Are there any ray-tracing apps or demo's or games out yet?

Is anyone card s stable on win 8. This is my Setup: Intel Core 2 Quad Q at 2. Antec Neopower Watts Case: Antec Three Hundred Hard Drive: Zuhl Omnipotent Enthusiast Total Posts: Kidnapped by Gypsies Status:

Download Past Nvidia Drivers

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The latest Nvidia graphics driver is now available for download, version It gives users of GeForce video cards optimal performance in the new rally racer Dirt 4 and isometric shooter Nex Machina. On top of the optimizations are a few fixes to lingering issues from past Nvidia drivers. Among those resolved are the following:. As always, there are a handful of specific issues Nvidia is aware of--some that carried over from previous versions--which are listed below:. You can read the full release notes for version In case you missed how Nvidia is slimming down gaming laptops, catch up with our story on its Max-Q design. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly?

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Download Past Nvidia Drivers

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