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Windows 7 Remove Printer Driver In Use Install Update

Recently had to delete some network printers drivers on couple of Windows 7 machines. Failed to remove driver [driver name]. The specified printer driver is currently in use.

In Windows XP these kind of issues would be normally resolved by deleting printer and restarting Print Spooler service. A quick search online revealed that often recommended solution is to delete printer from every single user profile who was ever logged on this machine. I found another, quicker way to achieve the same result.

The trick is to delete the driver immediately after restarting print spooler service. This worked for me every time. You have to be very quick though, a split second can make all the difference. Can't remove printer drivers in Windows 7 - The Specified Printer Driver is Currently in Use Recently had to delete some network printers drivers on couple of Windows 7 machines. I can't believe this worked! Just like everyone else, I tried almost everything else.

But this was magic! You're my hero of the week! Amanda Golding Have been at this for hours and was at the end of my tether. Thank you SO so very much for sharing this. Like others I wish you were higher up in the results. Richard Mattson Bill Benzy You saved my day This was very helpful! To get to it: One document was in queue for the printer I wanted to remove, so I cancelled that document first.

Then did the step above. Printers are the bane of my existence. Have to be quick though: I lost count of how many hours I wasted on this. I tried several times before realising that 94 jobs were in queue from end user, so hence it was no deleting driver and printer.

Sanj K The laptop did have eight users not sure having if many users is a common factor? Thanks for the tipp man! I was about to call bullshit but I was just clicking delete too quickly. Presumably the first time is for for stopping the service. I hope that helps some people. I tried lats night to print 1 picture jpeg and it printed partial pages.

Any help is appreciated. Depending on printer this may be an option in print driver settings, or you may need to download new driver. On cheaper home printers this may be not available at all. Or, as in HP case, there may be different options on driver download page.

David C Edgardo B Been wrestling with this for hours and came across your recommended fix. Worked the first time. Just wanted to say "Thank you". Douglas Brace Milan Vydareny It makes perfect sense, of course, once you are shown the way. Open the dailog box that needs the Print Spooler to gather information. Restart the Print Spooler to release the handles that prevent deletion. Click the Delete button that already has all it needs to make the operation work. Jan 13 Works like a charm man.

Thanks for your tip! Took a couple tries to get the timing down, but worked like a charm. Tried this solution and it worked perfectly. Made me think about why it works. Could it be because the print spooler is not fully started yet? You won't be able to remove print drivers if Spooler service is stopped.

For those who don't know how to open 'Print Management'. If you don't see the 'Administrative Tools' then do this. Enable the display of 'System administrative tools'. And you will be able to see it. Saved me from a lot more googling. Subscribe to receive occasional updates on new posts. Your email will not be used for any other purpose and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Windows 7 Remove Printer Driver In Use

Remove or Uninstall a Printer Driver from Windows 7/8/10

I have tried to remove them as the domain admin, and local admin with no luck. The error I get when I try to delete the driver in the print server properties is as follows. The specified printer driver is currently in use. Stopping and starting the print spooler service in the current logged on session usually allows for driver deletion. If that does not work then an application has loaded one of the driver UI components and still holds a handle reference. I guess the best steps would be close all applications, terminate all explorer. If failure, stop the printer spooler service, start the print spooler service, Delete Driver. I'm having the same problem with Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. As long as one user profile has a printer connected which uses the specific driver, I can't delete this driver package.

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Windows 7 Remove Printer Driver In Use

OK, I have found the solution to this problem Run the printui tool: Try deleting the printers. If that doesn't work Open My Computer and browse to c: Restart the Print Spooler service. Go back into the printui utillity might need to restart it using same method as above and try removing printers again. This time it should work. Last but not least, I checked other computers on my home network to see if any of those had mapped to the old printer, and I removed those mappings, as the date of spooled documents suggested it was printed to long after it was physically removed. Did this solve your problem? Sorry this didn't help. Tell us about your experience with our site.

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