Taking Forever To Download Drivers Windows 8 Latest

By Connor

Taking Forever To Download Drivers Windows 8 Install Update

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Hi, I began downloading Windows 8 for my parent's computer about 6 hours ago and the installer is just now at "preparing files".

Everything seemed fine until it hit the "Checking the Download" part which literally took the past 5 hours doing. The computer is a little older has vista now but something like this seems ridiculous. I don't want to restart the process either because I fear it might take the same amount of time.

I'd just restart it. I think the same thing happened to me and I reset and it fixed it. I mean the alternative is leaving it on overnight but it seems like if it hasn't done it in 6 it's not going to do it in I'm running an older PC and Windows 8 hung for a long time on setup.

So I just restarted my PC and it did a recovery thing and finished up shortly after. Install on a HDD took 45 minutes from disc in to desktop. This was on a 5 year old mid-range computer. Unless your computer is powered by snails it should not take that long.

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Taking Forever To Download Drivers Windows 8

Fast internet but download is taking forever

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I'm trying to install Windows 7 on a machine that was running Win7 perfectly until I decided to format and reinstall. I've tried a bootable USB and a DVD, but I'm getting the same result, I'm talking around hours at the "Expanding Windows Files", very slow response before, and during the initial "Please setup username" section, it's just as slow. I've replaced the hard drive and taken out all but one of the ram sticks..


Taking Forever To Download Drivers Windows 8

See your almost identical posting made later: Download, install, run, update and perform full system scans with the following two applications:. Removing everything they find. You can uninstall one or both when done. Then perform an online scan with the eSet Online Scanner. Use Disk Cleanup to eliminate more temporary files safely.

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