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Allocating the image to be projected Profile You can search for a projector on the network using a profile saved with "Save profile". For option settings, see s Connect A projector can be clicked once you place a check mark against it.

Whenever connection with a projector is possible, a toolbar is displayed. To prevent these problems, the projector is provided with the following security functions. Icon Names and Functions Select target projector It is possible to specify one particular projector when you want to use to the toolbar to control that projector, despite the distribution function or multi-screen display being used to project images from multiple connected projectors.

Movie Sending Mode Switch video source Used to immediately play back a movie file. This section explains those functions that may be useful during meetings or when making a presentation, such as the ability to send a movie file directly to a projector for playback "Movie Sending Mode" or that which allows you to send images to multiple projectors from a single computer "Multi-Screen Display".

This is useful when you only want to display the Slideshow. Procedure If necessary, select another projector to be controlled. As a result, a movie can be projected much more smoother than when it is being sent from an application running on a PC. The "Movie Sending Mode" screen reappears. The file you selected is added to the movie file list. Use the operation buttons below to play and stop the movie files.

With Windows, multiple virtual displays can be set in the computer, and each image can be projected by the projector. This function is not available with Windows Vista due to restrictions in the Windows Vista specifications. Open the file to be projected, and then move the screen to the virtual p.

Allocate a virtual display number to a projector that is connected through the network, and then start projection. When you click "OK", the drivers for the virtual display are enabled. At this point, it is normal for the display to flicker. Click the "Display properties" button. The "Display Properties" screen will be displayed. Click the "Settings" tab. Using Multi-Screen Display Drag the displayed monitor icon and place it where desired.

Here, the actual monitor 1 is placed on the left, while the virtual monitor 3 is placed on the right. When the PC has multiple display output terminals, the numbers assigned to the virtual terminals will be sequential to those of the physical terminals.

Select "Advanced Connection Mode" and then perform startup. The "Advanced Connection Mode" Drag the displayed monitor icon and place it where desired. Close the display setting screen. Up to this point, the screen layout has been fixed. The following explains how to allocate the computer image using arrangement example 1 on page Procedure 16, open the PowerPoint file Select the number of the virtual display to allocate to "Display", and set which image to be projected from which projector.

Click the "Connect" button. Connecting to a projector on a different sub-net This chapter explains how to connect a computer to a projector on a different sub-net via a wired LAN or a wireless LAN access point on an existing network system. Connecting to a projector on a different sub-net You see a similar screen even when using Macintosh.

Performing a search with a profile You can save a search for a frequently used projector as a profile. A "profile" is a file containing all of the information pertaining to a given projector, such as the projector name, its IP address, and SSID. Enter a profile name and then click the "Add" button. Projector information is registered in the profile If you have previously saved a profile, you are prompted to confirm whether that profile can be overwritten.

To save a profile with a different name, select "Save as". From the menu that is displayed, select the projector you want to connect to. Provided the target projector has been identified, select that projector, and then click "Connect" to establish a connection. Performing a search with a profile Managing a Profile You can change the name and the hierarchical structure of the profile. The configuration screen is displayed. Click the "Edit profile" button.

The profile management screen is displayed. Used when you want to want to read and use an exported profile. Delete You can delete the projector information. When all projector information is deleted, the profile is also deleted. Search method on Select one of the following methods to search the startup projector that is to be performed when EMP NS Connection is started. Set whether or not to transfer a layered window.

The layered window is in use when contents such as messages displayed on the computer are not projected by the projector. Set this to "Send" to display them on the projector. When you click on the toolbar, only the Adjust performance tab is displayed.

Using a Computer to Set Up, Monitor and Control Projectors This chapter describes how to use a computer that is connected to the network to change projector settings and to control the projector. Changing Settings Using a Web Browser Web Control You can set up and control the projector from a computer by using the Web browser of a computer that is connected to the projector via a network.

Setup and control operations can be performed remotely if this function is used. MultiCard Reader connected to the projector. The projector does not support media formatted on some file systems. If you have trouble with projecting, use media formatted under Windows. Projecting images stored in USB storage Image and movie files can be played back using either of the following two methods. Prepare multiple images and project them continuously Slideshow s p.

PC Free Basic Operations Tilt the [h] button on the remote control to move the cursor to the icon for the projection target, and then press the [Enter] button. In this event, a file icon is displayed. In Quick Mode, the file starts to play back immediately. The following describes the procedures for playing scenarios, images, and movies using Guide Mode. The rotating function is also available during the Slideshow. Rotate JPEG images in the following way.

USB storage device, and the operations during scenario playback. Continue playback by selecting the "Return" button and pressing the [Enter] button. The following functions of the projector can be used when projecting a scenario or image file with PC Free.

Projecting image and movie files Image files from a digital camera and image files and movie files stored in a USB storage device can be projected using PC Free by either of the following two methods. Projecting image and movie files To return to the file list screen, take the following operation. Press the [Esc] button on the remote control. Press the [Esc] button, select "Exit" in the screen displayed then press the [Enter] button.

Projecting image and movie files Select "Slideshow" from the bottom of the screen by tilting the [h] button on the remote control, then press the [Enter] button. The Slideshow will be performed and the image and movie files in the folder will be projected in sequence one at a time. When the last file is projected, the file list will be displayed again automatically.

Procedure Tilt the [h] button on the remote control to position the cursor on the folder where display conditions are to be set. Transfer the created scenarios to store them on a USB storage device connected to the computer. Then, connect the USB storage device to the projector so that you can use the projector's PCFree function to project the scenario. The following table indicates whether scenarios created by the included software of other projectors can be opened by EMP SlideMaker2 of this projector.

Turning a PowerPoint File into a Scenario PowerPoint files can be converted to scenarios by the following four methods. When you want to use a PowerPoint file as is, use either method 1 or 2. Converting all files in a single operation without starting up SlideMaker2 The following explains how a scenario can be created easily, without starting EMP SlideMaker2. Converting all files in a single operation without starting up SlideMaker2 Select the drive and the folder where the USB storage is connected and click the "OK" button.

Go to procedure 3 of s p. Setting Scenario Properties Procedure p. EMP SlideMaker2 starts, and the scenario properties are displayed. Enter each of the items with reference to the Starting up SlideMaker2 and converting files Scenario Name Enter the file name for the created scenario. Be sure to enter the file name. The file name can consist of up to 8 uppercase alphabetic characters and numerals.

Limit the total number of characters of the file name and the directory name for the scenario folder to or less. Starting up SlideMaker2 and converting files The following window will be displayed. Folder window Thumbnail window Preview thumbnail images of the file that is clicked on in the file window. File window The files in the folder that is selected in the folder window appear here. Connect the USB storage device that contains the scenario to the computer.

Epson Emp-1705 Driver Download

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For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Many printer drivers, utilities and applications are available to download free of charge from the support pages of the Epson website. This article explains how to navigate the Epson website to locate and download them for your product. Some of the options available to you will vary depending on your operating system e. Windows 10 or macOS , or internet browser e.

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Fortunately, printer driver complications are easy to resolve. Read on to learn more about printer drivers, what causes the more common printer driver problems, and how to troubleshoot printer driver problems. A personal computer printer does not work until you setup the included driver and software. Every printer should come with the software used to deploy a printer in Microsoft Windows and also your operating system. Before download Epson EMP printer driver, you need to discover what is your Operating operating system type. By doing this, you will get the driver your system usually requires. Epson EMP Printer is not compatible with the installed printer and also your version of Windows. You personal computer appear trouble: Windows Operating System fails to recognize the new hardware, whenever you trying to connect your Epson printer to your computer. If Installation Wizard not working you may perhaps only setup the printer driver by following the steps below. Click Next to start the wizard.

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