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Epson Printer Driver Dealing With Cd Printing Install Update

Follow the steps below. A lower level of color saturation is used to ensure print quality when printing on a CD or DVD, as opposed to Epson special paper. If you do, fingerprints, dirt, or scratches on the surface may cause errors while writing data. The printed surface is easily smeared immediately after printing. If the printed surface is sticky even after it has dried, the color saturation level may be too high. Moisture on the printable surface may cause smearing.

You can select the software you want to install from a list of choices. Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Follow the on-screen instructions. The installer dialog box appears. Select Uninstall from the pull-down menu at the top left, and then click Uninstall.

Make sure that the printer is on. There are three tabs protruding from the perimeter of the 8-cm adapter; two round tabs diagonally opposite each other, and one small rectangular tab. To remove the adapter, gently push upwards on the round tabs. Close the printer cover. Selecting Basic settings Select Print from the File menu.

The Print window appears. If the ink smears, adjust the color saturation. Selecting Advanced settings You can select more complex settings using the printer driver. Click Print on the File menu. The Print dialog box appears. Click the Manual Print button. Select A4 as the paper Size setting. Select Portrait as the Orientation setting.

Click Properties to access the printer driver. Select other settings as necessary. Click OK to close the printer driver window. Click the Select Printer button. Select Stylus Photo R from the printer list. Select Print on the File menu. Click the Manual Print button to access the Page Setup window. The following window appears, click OK.

Select Stylus Photo R in the Format pop-up menu. Select A4 as the Paper Size setting. Click OK to access the Print window. Select Stylus Photo R in the Printer pop-up menu.

Select Print Settings from the pop-up menu. Select other settings as necessary, then click Print.

Epson Printer Driver Dealing With Cd Printing

Epson's Missing CD Printer Driver

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Epson Stylus Photo R300 Print DVD Problem

Epson Printer Driver Dealing With Cd Printing

When first upgrading to Windows 7 bit last year , I found that the version of Print CD that had originally been supplied with the printer was not Windows 7 compatible. So I downloaded a new version of the Print CD software version 2. At the time, there were no Epson CD-printers available I think they were between models or something , so I reluctantly bought a HP… which I later found to be a complete and utter piece of rubbish and I now want people to help me find ways to creatively destroy it. Anyway, after much frustration with the HP, I decided to try the Epson printer again. So I dragged it our of the cupboard and installed it. Although I still recived the same error shown above, I managed to find a way to print to the Epson printer using Print CD , regardless of the error. The downside is that you need to do this every time you print a CD, but hey.. Trust me on that one. Did this work for you, or do you have any other tips to share? If so, please let me know via the comments below. Thanks a lot for this, as previously stated "well presented and great fix" - after trawling the Epson site and Windows, which wasted many hours.

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