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Asus Gl552vw Driver Download Install Update

Sign In Sign Up. Page 3 of 3 First 1 2 3 Jump to page: Results 21 to 30 of Hi guys I'm newbie here. I have issues to install window 7. I used even Rufus to create the Pendrive, What happend iis this. I've used this guide and no successhttp: I need proper direction and guides please and it will be thanks in advance.

Is your laptop that you've already installed w 7 th Gen or 6th Gen Intel? I did install Windows 7 on my laptop, but only bit version will work. I don't know how would it look like on your model. However, if you have some more specific questions and need help, just ask. Do you have a driver for Asus Rog to Support Windows 7? I might able to try it your driver? Can you upload the ISO Modified that you've used for your laptop?

Hi, There's no particular driver that will enable you to run Win7 on your computer. Your laptop is newer and more expanded than mine, which might cause your problems with Win7. This system might be simply too old for you laptop. However, make some googling, maybe someone succeeded in running Win7 on it. Remember about the bit version the bit version won't work. Remember that even if you'll successfully install Windows7, you'll still have to find some drivers for Win7 to the components of your laptop, and actually it was the hardest thing to do.

Hello, I saw you managed to install windows 7 on ROG laptop. I have 3 days trying to solve this problem. I want to clone my actual windows 7 with all the programs to the new laptop. It loaded the system, but when I arrive to the log in page, the keyboard and mouse doesn't works. Also when I load on recovery mode and safe modes doesn't work. I then cloned my old windows 7 to the news SSD, doesn't work either.

I then loaded the installation ISO of Windows 7 to an USB drive, and when load the installation, with all hard disks removed, the keyboard and mouse doesn't works. I tried to connect with an external keyboard, and the light of the keyboard is on while is uploading the system, but then it switch off when the loading finish.

I tried with an other ISO version, and works only the keyboard. I don't want to install windows from zero, so this thing don't know if it's really useful. When I try with the installation of Windows 10 on the USB drive with all hard disks removed , the keyboard and mouse works! I have been to 2 repair shops, but neither them know how to solve the problem and want only to install windows 7 from zero.

If it's a problem of drivers, how can I install the drivers if when the windows7 is loaded, I cannot use keyboard, mouse or USB ports? There is an other way? I really don't understand what's the problem and how to solve it. Do you have any idea? Enabled - Launch CSM: Enabled - Secure Boot Control: Intel Core iHQ Chipset: Hi travalix, From what I know unfortunately the newer the laptop, the harder to install anything older than Windows10 on it.

The thing that worries me the most about your setup is the keyboard not working after launching Windows7. On my laptop the mousepad and USB ins didn't work during the installation of Windows7 and right after it, but the keyboard did, and I was using only the keyboard while installing everything until eventually installing the USB drivers, so then I could also use the mouse and finally have full controll over the rest of the drivers' installation. In your case that's pretty bad that even the keyboard doesn't work, so you're somewhat stuck in one place.

You say that you don't want to install Windows from zero and say sth about an ISO of Win7, does that mean you want to transfer your old Windows to a new laptop? This might be really hard to do man. However, check your driver list, and uninstall the SmartGesture driver, or other touchpad drivers.

The wrong touchpad drivers can harshly affect the keyboard performance. I remember searching for a touchpad driver to my laptop with no result until today, but f. Luckily I had USB already installed, so I used the on-screen keyboard to click letters with a mouse, so then I uninstalled the SmartGesture driver, and the keyboard started to work again.

After all I'm here using my ROG laptop with Windows7 and all of the drivers installed, except the touchpad. Heard that nowadays Microsoft and Intel want to force all Windows users to switch to "the final Windows" 10, and that's why Intel makes chipsets which are more and more incompatible with anything older than Win Last edited by Intelovski; at Originally Posted by Intelovski.

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Asus Gl552vw Driver Download

Asus GL552VW Driver Download

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Asus ROG GL552VW Driver Download

Asus Gl552vw Driver Download

Sign In Sign Up. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of After setting the BIOS properly, I managed to install Windows7 bit on it, as that's the only of the "recent" Microsoft operating systems that I really appreaciate, and the last Windows on which Im able to run the software that I use. During the Win7 installation process I used only the keyboard, as I've noticed that this model does not support USB in the setup mode of my version of Windows. Enabled - Launch CSM: Enabled - Secure Boot Control: After successfully installing the bit Windows7, I also succeeded in installing these particular Win7 drivers from the original "Win10" DVD attached to the laptop:

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